In the modern age of science and technology, Engineers developed the technique in which the housing schemes and building purposes are highly fulfilled by constructive tools. These constructive tools are ground screws, pilling constructors, and screw anchors.


These are the helical earth screws that make your construction quick and immediate. It is an association between the ground and the depth of the screw. The screw’s depth holds the inner capacity of the soil while its upper tang or head bears the load of the building. It makes the foundation of a building strong. The size of the tang or head is approximate 75 to 99mm where its post screw is 935 mm to 1200 mm. This technique is usually applicable in the European areas or the areas where the climate is very severe. Moreover, this technique is also used in areas where there is no availability of concrete, cement, and bricks.  As the wood is an insulator so that a wooden house is kept hot by steam the water in their pipes connections.

 There are many advantages of ground screws to concrete due to the following reasons:

  • There is no issue of water drainage, when rainfalls, the water seep into the soil and there is no need for pipelines to collect the clean water.
  • There is no mess of concrete all around. Moreover, it saves the earth from damaging. No doubt ground screws in melbourne are lighter in weight but give the building more strength, durability, and flexibility.
  • These apply to those areas where there is no access to heavy machinery.
  • The installation time of ground skews is very short. It is not a time-consuming program and construction would be started as the ground screws fixed in the foundation of the building.


Pilling construction is of high demand where the soil of an area is not very good, In this technique, the piles are fixed on the foundation at specific heights. The piles may be made of wood, concrete, or steel H shape. Wooden piles are usually used in weak soil areas. The height of the wooden pile may be of 20 meter. These types of piles apply to islands, As Venice which is the city of Italy, The whole island is supported on the pilling over the seawater.

There are many advantages of pilling, some are as follows:

  • The soil becomes compact where the soil is not of good quality.
  • There is no messy environment while construction.
  • Over seawater, or on the other islands, it is more preferable.
  • The pilling can bear heavy traffic.



In a simple definition, these are termed as the holders of the piling contractors based in melbourne. These are used to hang the items nearly 16 inches apart from both sides of the centre. These can bear the weight from lighter to heavy objects. The stud is fitted on the screw so that the hole in the wall remains fixed and the wall paint is not shattered. The anchor should be tight enough so that it can bear harder tapped and remain fixed in it.