Photoshoot ideas to kick start your photography career

Anybody can do photography by investing in a good camera a tripod stand and few other equipment, but can everyone be a photographer? That’s a point to ponder. A good camera does not make a person a photographer but the ability to find beauty in the most unexpected place and being able to capture it is what makes a person a photographer followed by ability to think out of the box and his creativity would pave way for becoming a professional photographer.

A good photographer is well liked by his models and has the ability to balance the key elements of any perfect portrait i.e. the lighting, composition etc. Sometimes, the most minor detail could be a deal breaker for a photograph and create a big flaw, hence he should have a keen eye to observe even the most minor details.

No matter how hard you have to struggle, you should remember how passionate you are for photography and for pursuing it as your sole career and your portraits would convey your passion to the viewer. Your passion allows you to strive for perfection and do better than your past.

Below are few tips and tricks to help your photo shoot look more professional:

– You need to plan your photo shoot before the actual day it has to take place. This would allow you to waste less time on preparing for the phot shoot and would give you more time for the actual photoshoot. We would advise you to include your models in the planning stage too so you could go through the poses with them before hand and avoid any discrepancies on the shoot day.

– Play with the lighting a little. Make it according to your preference and your photo shoot’s theme. If you are opting for a rather dramatic look, you could opt for harsh lighting which would contribute to sharp shadowing and would give a retro look to your model. On the other hand, if you opt for subtle lighting, that would result in softer shadows and hence, less dramatic effect.

– You could opt for various kinds of photography that would add vibrance to your shoot like cake smash photography in melbourne. At Katelee photography, we opt for cake smash photography for the vibrance and full of life picture it offers. Not only does it engage the little chid, it also engages the onlooker with its colours and liveliness. We suggest you to opt for a theme like cake smash photography to kick start you career since it would give you the confidence that if you can deal with toddlers you can take over anything in world.

There are so many options to give a boost to your photography career, and if you are newbie photographer and a parent of a toddler looking for professional photographers to cater you for cake smash photography, head down to our Kate lee photography studio today and we would gladly work with you as we are the pioneers of photography presented as art and passion.  Please visit for more information.