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The Mistakes You Should Not Make With Corporate Xmas Celebrations

Planning corporate events is already difficult enough, and when you factor in busy months like December and celebrations like Christmas to add to this, it is no surprise that the hosts of the party are in for a chaotic few weeks before the big bash. However, that has not prevented most companies from throwing successful corporate Christmas parties (that may or may not have had a chaotic planning process). Sometimes, however, the preparation process does not go very smoothly, and that can lead to very lacklustre celebrations. Below are some of the worst mistakes you better avoid when preparing for the party!

  • Not considering the opinions of colleagues and employees – if there is anything you need to consider more, it is the opinions of others. Often, companies will see the preparations of a party delegated to one team of employees and that can easily end up causing problems if the team is not willing to listen to others’ opinions. A corporate event is different from a personal party – you have to be in line with the company guidelines, and you have to make it enjoyable for the people working at the company. It only makes sense to be flexible with your ideas and listen to the staff for Christmas party ideas. Majority votes are often an easy way to come to compromises on major decisions – if you are the only one to support an idea, it is best you incorporate it into your home party.
    • Having an overly tight agenda – another mistake best avoided is tight agendas when it comes to parties. This is not a conference or a workshop for the company – this is a moment to let employees relax and have fun. Making it too convoluted or too detailed is only going to backfire and tire out your employees. Not to add, too many things on your agenda make the planning process even more atrocious than it already is. Have the basics down, and allow for plenty of space in between the items on your agenda.
      • Having a boring agenda – also related to the agenda, this is another mistake you need to make sure to avoid. Finding the nicest Melbourne christmas party venues is not going to be very helpful if your agenda is filled with monotonous and long speeches. That being said, having nothing at all on your agenda can also make for a boring party – even if you have the refreshments and a background music set. The key here is balance – have speeches and discourses in moderation, and add a number of activities for the employees to enjoy.
        • Being too strict with dress codes – and lastly, you might have heard of wedding celebrations where brides like to micromanage every single detail of the party, and you can be sure no one likes that level of planning. Dress codes tend to be the main cause of concern in micromanagement, especially when it comes to corporate events with a theme. Having everyone stick to a few specific colours is fine, but being overly strict is a definite no. Of course, a lax idea of the dress code is always helpful however, as guests can sometimes be stumped on what to wear otherwise.event-services

Tips To Plan An Engagement Party

Just got engaged to your boyfriend/ girlfriend? That certainly calls for celebration. Here are some pointers to host the first party of the life you will be having together and to celebrate the occasion with your loved ones.professional photographers Sydney


Similar to a wedding planning process you need to plan out a budget for your engagement party too. Your budget plan need to have considered the venue, number of guests, professional photographers Sydney if necessary and food items for the party.


According to the traditional way it is the bride’s parents who host the engagement party. But this isn’t always a must. The hosts can be the groom’s side of the family. Or it can be a close friend or a relative who will host the party for you.


The hosts usually can plan the party at their home but if you wish to hold the party on a different location you can decide a place that is convenient for all your guests. Some suggestions if you do not wish to host the party at home are the backyard, a rooftop or a close-by club.

Set a date

No need to host the party right after the engagement. Take some time to decide on the date. The most suitable time for an engagement party is the weekend where you and most of your guests will be free. If you are planning to have the party in a separate location, you need to consider the dates where your venue will be available. After confirming the date send the invitation to your guests.


The menu doesn’t need to be a fancy meal as you might have in a wedding. Get affordable meals and be innovative with them. Ethnic food is always an option if you want to add a personal touch to the menu. You can of course prepare the menu at home.

This will be less pricey but will take a bit of time.

Party duties

Assign some of your relatives or friends, tasks that needed to be looked into during the party. One need to be in charge of the food table, another on coordinating the event. Even if you do not wish to hire a photographer to the engagement party ask one of your friends to take few snaps so you can add these to your wedding video or the album as a part of the pre wedding shoot.

Although an engagement party will not be as big as a wedding celebration it still needs proper organization. Start the planning process early and on the date of the party all you will need is to dress the part and enjoy your day.