You have another six weeks more for your child’s birthday party! Do not panic if you have not even started planning it out. Six weeks is ample time for you to start preparing your plan.

Get hold of a pen and a piece of paper to plan out party details for the next six weeks or so and what you will be doing to ensure that everything is arranged during the course of each week. You can even set up reminders on your phone as well so that you will not forget any deadlines.

Six weeks prior

  • Sit down with you child and discuss about the theme that he or she wants. Then you can prepare to start looking for all things that will suit the theme.
  • Decide on the guest list. Ensure that your child gets a say in the guest lists because it is his or her birthday party.


  • Once you decide the number of people, then you can decide on the venue and before you decide all the kids party entertainment Melbourne.

Four weeks prior

  • Now you can start working on your invitations. You can decide on if you want to use online or printed invitations at this stage.
  • You can always get the list of students in your child’s class to ensure that you can invite all the children.
  • You can decide the activities and games that go hand in hand with the party theme. You can even have a little face painting booth.
  • Now is the time to order the birthday cake!! The cake must match the theme of the aprty.

Three weeks prior

  • You can start hand over or email the invitations.
  • Three weeks is enough time to let you start buying the party supplies. You can start with the essentials such as paper cups and plates and then work your way through.
  • You can get a few hands to help you out.

One or two weeks prior

  • You can create an outline of the party.
  • Purchasing more supplies for the party will not hurt.
  • If you still have not received confirmation if a child is attending the party or not, you can call the parents and finalise the numbers.

A few days prior

  • Sort out and purchase all the good.
  • Get new batteries for your cameras.
  • Do not forget to charge your cameras.
  • Double check with the entertainment that they are scheduled to attend the party and confirm the time they will be arriving.
  • Decorate the venue with a few helping hands. After the party, sending thank you notes is a nice touch!